DirectionalI was invited to a Resonance Art and Healing Festival, little did I know the experience I would encounter.  I arrived at a house sitting in the corner of a street? That seemed odd, yet I saw the sign. I unpacked all items needed to pain that day, as my hubby drove off down the road to park. As I stepped onto the property there was a reverberation that radiated through my whole body! It was a sense that awoke my whole being. Oh my. So as I walked down the driveway I was so delighted to walk into a literal secret Garden. Such detail in every aspect of the event!

Resonance Art 011

Part of my delight was the prayer loom, what a simple idea with amazing aspects of blessings and purpose.  Another aspect of delight was the worship flags; beautiful. I would say my absolute favorite part of the event was the many people and artisans that I met. Amazing people.

I mentioned that I was invited to paint. I am still working on it long after the event.

While I was there I was able to minister to a few through my art pieces that were given away. Man I love this stuff. Butterfly effectI look forward to the opportunity again next year. Thank