A lover of all created things, and highly sensitive in the spirit. Our property draws all kinds of animals. Mostly birds, road runners, doves, ravens, sparrows, hawks, even the migratory California Condors (I’ll save those pictures for another day). So when one morning my hubby called me out to the front yard with a whisper: saying don’t scar it off. I came out and was in awe at what I found, perched high in my tree. The great horned owl, also known as the screech owl. A Stunning creature indeed.


The next morning I went out in hopes to find feathers that he may have lost under the tree. Instead, I found him still perched where I last saw him. Oh joy! So I ran into get my camera. As I came back and sat quietly on my porch stoop, something unsettling stirred in my spirit. So I went into the house to read up and study on the Great Horned owl. In Isaiah 34:14  לַיִל (H3915) the Hebrew word for the screech owl is Lilith, known as a night demon goddess. “OH MY”

Golden eyes

So I went back outside, I sat again as he glared at me I said: “if you are here bent on evil you must go, in Jesus Name. When I said in Jesus name he turned his gaze away and flew off? Bizarre stuff, such is my life in many an event.

As he flew away I said if you repent of your evil intent you can come back.